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Hand Made Custom Clothing

I make Hand Made Customized clothing. Dresses with a twist of rainbow. Shirt’s with that flair for the freaky. Let your wardrobe scream with whatever ideas you can dream up. Why Not!

I have always had a handy nitch for the stitch. There has been a sewing needle in my grasp for as long as I can remember and at age of 7 I sewed my 1st skirt entirely by myself. I was taken in and nothing was going to cut me lose. I have been sewing custom made items for the last 15 years and have done a wide variety of things ranging from couture clothing, fuzzy accessories, recycled wardrobe to car and furniture upholstery. I mostly do custom clothing for costumes and performance but am open to any and all things that require that extra touch. As an artist of the pen and pad variety I also am know to draw images for t-shirt designs. I often will post my creations up for grabs but if you have any ideas please contact me with your ideas and we will make them into a wearable work of art.

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