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I Make Single Ended Dread Extensions Or Double Ended Dread Extensions Single ended dreads or SEDs are loose dreads that you braid into your natural hair via the loop at the top of the dread.  Double ended dreads or DEDs are 2 dreads that fold in half at the middle. You braid one side of the dread and let the top fold over. Giving you 2 dreads per one braid to add extra fullness or less braiding. The braiding is very easy and takes about 3 to 6 hours on a full head of hair. The dreads can then be worn for up to 3 weeks then taken and can be reused as much as you like.There are a few factors you can pick from to make your own unique dread set.Amount of Dreads, Styles, Colors, Length and Thickness.

60 to 100 dreads to have a full head of SEDs.
40 (80 total) to 60 (120 total) for DEDs.
Depends on thickness and desired fullness.

* Pricing and Info *

* Dread Styles *

Solid dreads are $1 a dread
Multi color Blends $1.50 a dread
2 color twists are $1.50 a dread
3 color twists are $1.75 a dread
2 color Transition dreads are $1.50 a dread
3 color Transition dreads are $1.75 a dread


Red   Orange   Yellow   Green   Blue   Purple   Pink

Neon Yellow   Neon Green   Neon Pink   Fuchsia

Sky Blue   Lavender   Baby Pink   White

Burgundy   Brown   Blonde   Black

* Lengths *

Short / Chin Length (8-12 inches)
Medium / Shoulder Length (12-16 inches/my stander length)
Long / Chest Length (16-20 inches/$0.50 more a dread)

* Thickness *

Thin to Xtra Thin (will do upon request)
Thin to Medium (my stander size)
Medium to Thick ($0.50 more a dread)
Thick to Chunky ($1 more a dread)

plus $15 in shipping and handling
(orders over $200 get FREE SHIPPING)

If you want them as falls just tell me there’s a $5 extra charge.

* Installing and Hair Care Tips *

A few things you will need in order to install your SEDs and DEDs Dread kit.
– Rubber Bands
– Combs or a Brush
– Hair Clips
– a Friend who Braids
doing the braiding yourself? well then use a mirror or three.

A  few additional items you may want to include:
– Spray Water Bottle
– Hand Mirrors
– Bandanas or Head Covers
– Other fun Accessories

*Installing SEDS and DEDs *

* Start from the back of the neck, use a comb to make a
clean row of hair. If you are installing alone, you may find starting at the front easier.

* Working from side to side section each row. Section off approximately 1×1 inch chunks of hair. You can rubber band you entire head into sections or work row by row until you finish. If working row by row use clips to keep stray hairs from getting into the wrong rows. Remove and clips and rubber bands  before installing the dread.

* You can section in a grid fashion or stagger the sections in a ‘brickwork’ style. If you have fine hair, the ‘brickwork’ style is better as less of your scalp shows through.

This method of dread installation is quite simple. A basic braid uses 3 strands: two of these strands are your hair and the remaining strand is the dread.

1. Separate your hair into a row and take a 1×1 section of hair in your hands.

2. For SEDs thread the hair through the loop at the top of the SED.
For DEDs you will split the section into 2 strands and place the center of the DED in the center part of the 2 strands Clip the top dread to your hair to keep it in place while braiding.

3. Take the section of hair and separate it into 2 sections pull it tight so the dread is tightly laying on the scalp (not so tight that it hurts)

4. Take the separated pieces of hair and cross them over the dread in the middle of the section to secure the dread.

5. Begin braiding with the two hair sections, and the dread until you run out of hair.

6. Tie off the ends with an elastic rubber band. If any hair is sticking out just wet it with water and twist around the dreads. If it still sticks out use a 2nd elastic rubber band.
For DEDs unclip the top of the dreads and let it fold down over the braided dread.

7. One braid down! Now for to the next hair section. Repeat until full head is installed.

Another cool thing about loose dreads is you can turn them into falls. All you need is some lace, ribbon or elastic cord. String the elastic through the loop at the top of the SED or fold the DED in half around the elastic and rubber band the 2 together. Put your set of dreads on the elastic and taaa dahh instant dread fall! Use 2 for dread falls pig tails.. you can use the falls to accent dreads you have in or maybe you don’t have the time to braid the dreads in and you just want to throw them up really fast.. and the dreads can be taken off the sting and braided in later. It’s that easy.

*How to Install Dread Falls*

things you’ll need:
-dread falls
-big thick hair bands
-bobby pins
– tights (optional)
A few tips.. try to do small buns and keep them close to your head and on the top of your head. Bobby pin any lose hairs down or bobby pin the bun to keep the bun tight and close to your head bun covers will also help fly away hair. Sturdy buns make sturdy falls.. this is where the tights will come in.
On the tights you will cut the waist, feet, and legs to make a head band, bun covers and use the legs to secure your 2 buns for nice falls. Tie and rubber band the tights around the 2 buns together and around the buns in a x shape or figure 8. The feet are the bun covers to help keep the buns from stray hairs and as for waist it can be used as a head band. All of this is optional I just find it help makes my falls more secure and sleek looking.
When you put the falls on:
1. make 2 buns on the top front part of your head they will be what you anchor the falls to.
2. rubber band your bun covers on and secure your buns by wrapping the leggings around the buns in the figure 8 or x shape
3. bobby pin for added security4. lean your head forward and down5. place the fall with the hair in the front laying right in front of your face6. Pull the hair tight and tie the elastic around the base of the bun.
7. Pin the dreads in place as desired. If you find your buns poke out of the dreads take some bobby pins and pin some dreads to your buns and in place
Another thing you can try is take some of the dreads from the back and wrapping it around the base of the bun and/or cross them in the front. It helps keep the fall in place and hides the hair line.. so dose a hair band or bandanna.. or use the waist from the leggings

* Do and Dont’s *

I don’t wash my hair when I have dreads in.. the dreads get VERY heavy when wet.. if you feel your scalp is getting oily or dirty then tie your dreads up out of the way and tie a plastic bag over them to keep them from getting soaked. Wash just your scalp with a little bit of soapy water .. easy on the soap and then rinse with water. Thats really all you should need to do..
When you take your dreads out if they smell any here’s a few things you can do. One fast easy thing to do  dip the dreads in warm water and the towel dry them and hang them out to air dry to get all the water out.. that should help them from smelling funky. Also the warm water will help smooth any frizzy dreads. just be careful that they don’t loosen up too much if that happens twist the dread under some warmer water to reform it and hang to dry. I don’t like to put soap in my lox it can make them get even more stinky if the soap doesn’t come out. Another tip is when your not wearing them put a dryer sheet between the dreads it should just stick in there and it will make them smell clean and fresh :] you can also lightly spray them with fabreeze.

With the right care you can ware them as many times as you want until they start to get damaged from to much use. but I still have some of mine from 5 years ago that I wear. So it’s all a matter of taking care of them. I twist them often just cus I like to play with them but it helps them keep their form and keeps them from getting tangled together.

If you need any other help please message me at your questions. THANKS FOR READING!!!



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