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Dread FAQs

A lot of people have questions about my dreads if I didn’t answer your questions here please email me at and I’ll add it to my FAQs

I Make Single Ended Dread Extensions Or Double Ended Dread Extensions

Single ended dreads or SEDs are loose dreads that you braid into your natural hair via the loop at the top of the dread.  Double ended dreads or DEDs are 2 dreads that fold in half at the middle. You braid one side of the dread and let the top fold over. Giving you 2 dreads per one braid to add extra fullness or less braiding. The braiding is very easy and takes about 3 to 6 hours on a full head of hair. The dreads can then be worn for up to 3 weeks then taken and can be reused as much as you like.There are a few factors you can pick from to make your own unique dread set.
Amount of Dreads, Styles, Colors, Length and Thickness.
60 to 100 dreads to have a full head of SEDs.
40 to 60 for DEDs. Depending on thickness and desired fullness.

The cool thing about loose dreads is you can turn them into falls. All you need is some lace, ribbon or elastic cord. String the elastic through the loop at the top of the SED or fold the DED in half around the elastic and rubber band the 2 together and taaa dahh instant dread fall! Use 2 for dread falls pig tails.. you can use the falls to accent dreads you have in or maybe you don’t have the time to braid the dreads in and you just want to throw them up really fast.. and the dreads can be taken off the sting and braided in later. It’s that easy!

If you wish to order from me please send me a message with your ideas to
I’ll give you a more accurate price and we can work out any details.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this and I hope you choose to go with some one of a kind dreads kits made by yours truly.

Thanks again and much love always