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Home is where the art is at Inksters Tattoo

You can’t spell heart with out art and my heart has always been in Florida. I’m happy to say not only is my heart here in my home state, but now my art is with the mother land as well. This last year at Inksters Tattoo in North Palm Beach Fl. has been one of the best years for me tattooing. I have cranked up some big pieces in record time and have been doing a lot of fun watercolor tattoos that I’m just in love with. I gives me great joy and pride to know that the Floridians are walking these sandy beaches and sporting my tattoos. With sun screen of course.. C; I’m happy to be back with the people I love, doing what I do best making art in all my many ways. I’ll be removing some old tattoo images to add new ones from my more recent work as it is ever changing like the oceans tide. If you would like to set up an appointment with me here at Inksters Tattoo you can do it by phone or email.¬†Just ask for Shannon or leave your name, number, and a description of your tattoo.




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