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Tattoo FAQs


How can I get a Tattoo from OxiLox?

The best way to get a tattoo from me is by compiling your ideas and emailing me at to set up an appointment.

What should I include in the email?

Your name, tattoo idea / placement / size , possibly a few reference images, the desired date / time for your appointment, and contact information.

Why should I make an appointment?

Making an appointment is both beneficial to me and you. It allows me to have time to carefully draw your image and give it the artistic styling you’re seeking in custom tattoo work.  This also ensures you a date and time so you can walk in and I will be prepared. This will make for a more relaxing and over all better tattoo experience.

What is a consultation?

When I am doing a custom drawn tattoo it may be required to have a consultation where we meet in person. I’ll spend 30-minutes talking to you about the plans for your tattoo.  It is a good idea to bring drawings, sketches, photographs, notes, etc. to help explain the desired outcome of the tattoo. Don’t worry if you can’t draw! Even simple sketches will help me visualize what you want for your tattoo. If you decide to get a tattoo from me a deposit and/or drawing fee will be taken and your appointment will then be made.
What is the deposit and drawing fee for?

When I start working on a drawing you will be required to pay a drawing fee and/or a deposit. These fees are non-refundable.  THAT MEANS NO REFUND. This ensures you are sincere about me setting aside time to work on your drawing for your tattoo.

The Drawing Fee – Pays for the time I put aside to complete your drawing, and ranges from $20-$100 depending on the size and detail of the drawing. This fee is paid up-front, non-refundable, and IS NOT applied to the bill for tattoo time. It pays for the time I set aside to draw for you, so if the drawing has to be redrawn it may require an additional fee. Please be very sure of your ideas and specific as to prevent this from happening. Also take into consideration that not all sketches are finished works of art – I’m drawing a blue print to a tattoo. This is a guideline to the tattoo I will be making so it will not be colored, it may not be shaded, and it may even have lines or dots that will not be in the actual tattoo but rather are there to indicate where color shading and other elements will be. On the other hand If I think your drawing is small and/or easy enough I may waive the draw fee entirely.

The Deposit – Holds your appointment and IS applied to your bill for tattoo time. The price ranges from $20-$100 depending on the amount of time set aside on the appointment day. It is not refundable under any circumstance, but you are allowed to reschedule your appointment as long as you call to reschedule 48 hours in advance. If you decide not to do the tattoo, if you don’t show up for your appointment, or are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT.

How much is a tattoo?

The minimum is $60 this is for a small single color tattoo.
Otherwise I do $150 an hour for larger tattoos.
For a specific price I will need to know exactly what you want before I can provide an estimate.  You can email me at with the previously mentioned information to get a price quote.
One free touch-up is included in all pricing within one year of the tattoo being completed (except for hand, foot, or a tattoo in which we discussed otherwise).

What types of payment do I accept?

I prefer Cash payment but Credit and Debit are available at Inksters Tattoo, my Florida local shop. PayPal to can be used to set deposits towards appointments for conventions or guest spots.

How should I prepare for getting a tattoo?

The day of your tattoo appointment arrive on time. Come in well rested, fed, and hydrated.  A healthy body and mind will be needed to relax and give your body the proper nutrients to handle the stress of receiving a tattoo. Dress appropriately: wear something comfortable, with easy access to the area being tattooed, that you’re not afraid to get ink and blood on.
You may also bring a MP3 player, a book, a friend for conversation, or anything to help pass the time. So long as you can be still doing so, obviously.

What to expect from this process?
You will start by filling out a release form (you’ll need your ID), and I will set up a clean disposable station just for your tattoo. We will discuss the final size and location of the tattoo; I then make a stencil of your design. We can place the stencil on you and move it if needed to find exactly where you think it looks best. Then the tattoo will begin! If you’re in for a longer session, expect an endorphin rush. This won’t make the tattoo numb but it will be your body’s defense to help aid your pain. After your tattoo session is done, you can take a picture and then your tattoo will be bandaged. I will verbally instruct you on how I recommend caring for your tattoo. Also you’ll receive a paper with aftercare instructions.

Does it Hurt?

There is some degree of pain, but this is subject to opinion. The sensation will vary depending on the tattoo, size, placement and your own level of tolerance. Pain is 50% mental so I strongly urge people to relax and not overthink the situation it’s usually what causes panic attacks and fainting.  In the grand scheme of things the pain is usually very minor and brief considering the lasting effects. Relaxing is KEY to receiving a steady and controlled tattoo, if you move so does the line I was just making.
The tattoo is forever, if your decision is clear then commit to relaxing and fearlessly changing your body. It can be quit empowering in the end.
How do I take care of my tattoo? (AFTERCARE)

What You Need

  • Liquid Antibacterial Soap (Dial or Dove)
  • Fragrance Free Water-Based Lotion such as Aveeno, Lubriderm, Eucerine, Gold Bond, Cetaphyl, Coco Butter etc.

Remember always wash your hands before and after touching your new tattoo that’s the best way to keep from introducing bacteria into you open wound. Wash your hands, then your tattoo then your hands.

Remove the bandage after about 30-minutes to an hour.

Wash immediately with clean hands, hot water and liquid soap (this can be done in the shower, or in a sink, depending on which is easier for you). Wash thoroughly until all of the slimeyness is gone. After washing, pat dry with a clean towel.

Once dry apply a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of lotion to the tattoo until it is completely rubbed into the skin. Do not put an excuses on as it is better to wash/ moisturize it a few times a day then to glob a lot on and forget about it.

Wash and lotion it 3 times a day or as needed if you work out in conditions that might soil the tattoo.

Short showers are fine but do not soak the tattoo in a tub or pool.

Do not scratch or pick the tattoo. Light scabbing and flaking is normal, and should take about a week or two.

Change your bedding  – you may bandage the tattoo for the first two nights but not again after that. Also do not let constrictive clothing rub against or irritate the tattoo.

Do not expose it to sunlight, tanning beds, or chlorine/salt /ocean water until it’s completely healed in about 3 weeks.


After the tattoo is healed moisturizing your skin daily will help keep it looking vibrant. Over-exposing it to excessive sunlight will often fade a tattoo. The best defense is covering the tattoo but a sunblock with a high SPF is a more likely option. Look for Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide as the main ingredient. This blocks UVB and UVA rays from the surface of your skin.

What if it needs a touch-up?

I guarantee one free touch up within the first year of your tattoo. It’s not uncommon for some people to have a little bit of color come out of their tattoo during healing. I will retouch and pigment loss that is visibly lacking once for no charge as long as the directed aftercare was used.