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I’m an artist by heart and from a young age people always told me that my artistic nature was going to land me a good job that I would love. If tattooing didn’t fit that profile better I don’t know what would. I have always been drawing but paper is not skin and tattooing was my next step into a world of living canvas. My journey is pretty much just that, I have honed my style, and now I’m ready to help you choose your next big tattoo.

But 1st a little bit about who I am and how I got into this craft. In 2011 I started seriously learning the art of tattooing from a woman by the name Virginia “Z” Zuelsdorf at a studio called Southtown Tattoo in Fort Smith Arkansas. I apprenticed in a busy shop with 8 other artist and learned many skill sets from the diverse styles in which each artist had to offer. This was a great environment for a new tattooer I loved and appreciated the advise and training I got in my early years. I worked there for a short time before I decided that I should like to travel and met other artist. I traveled for a year tattooing with different artist along the way, before I ended up in Jamestown New York where I lived and worked for a year. I didn’t much care for the owner, as I felt he was rude and sort of embodied every negative stereotype I disliked about the cookie cutter image of a tattooer. Regardless I met and worked along side some great tattoo artist in that shop and still managed soak up a lot of information while there. As winter came back around I once again got the bug to move. This time back to my home state of Florida, where I got a job working back at a shop I had tested out before my traveling. I have now seance been at Inksters Tattoo, in Palm Beach Florida building my clients. As of the last year I started to attend the Villain Arts tattoo conventions mostly traveling on the eastern half of the U.S. so clients near and far can get tattooed by me.

I mostly like to tattoo in bold bright color but have a growing appreciation for black and grey. In my free time I paint in a multifaceted array of mediums but mostly like watercolor. It has heavily influenced my gravitation towards abstract painter styled tattooing which is encouraged by the growing interest in watercolor style tattoos. I enjoy the loose nature and the idea of no real subject matter but rather just adorning the body in flowing colors, shapes and patterns. I like to tattoo nature such as animals, flowers, landscapes and mostly under water creatures. I also have a real affinity for skulls always have been strangely connected to a darker side and it also shows in my work. A perfect balance between the bright fun colors and the cool dark macabre. I have always used rotary tattoo machines and american made inks.

If you’d like to get tattooed by me either at home in Florida or while I’m on the road its as easy as sending me an email to
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You can also fallow me under Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the code name OxiLox

Thanks for looking into a little about me and my art hope you found what you were looking for in your next tattoo.

Forever Weird
Oxi Lox
Shannon Michael